Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Infant Thief

So the heating guy came over today and turned on my meter and lit my fireplaces and water heater.  I paid with my credit card and said goodbye and thought all was well.  I went to pack up my wallet and the card was gone. Frantically I searched the messy counter...still gone. I decided to try to catch him before he drove away, but I sorta had to chase him down the street a few houses. I'm pretty sure I was waving my arms (how embarrassing).  So he finally stopped and right as he rolled down his window, the small child in my arms waved my credit card in my face, the one I was running down the street for.  Hmmm...."well sir...I....uh...just found my credit card. I thought maybe you forgot to give it back to me."  Oops. I had to laugh that one off. Was that slightly embarrassing? Yes sirree. Maybe my new neighbors didn't see me.

cute niece + cute bow= fun spontaneous 5 minute shoot.